Resources Instructions

The following is the Online Database Introduction instructions for students.

What is a database? 

Simply put it is an organized collection of data.  Libraries and other information resource centers use databases to store information for research purposes.  Using online databases is the standard for academic research.  All college students will be required to use a form of online databases for their academic needs.  High school students must become familiar with how they operate and why they are necessary for academic research.


Start this module with the following video.  Introduction to Online Databases.




Select the tutorial you wish to know how to access.

  1. The Destiny Catalog
  2. InfoBase – Issues and Controveries
  4. The Digital Public Library of America
  5. The World Digital Library
  6. The American Heritage Magazine Archive
  7. The Media History Digital Library
  8. The Purdue Owl
  9. The Getty Publication Virtual Library
  10. The Indiana Youth Institute

The Final Assessment

After all 10 tutorial videos are completed and you have answered their quizzes, please take the final assessment.

Kahoot – Final Assessment

Remember to save your results to your school’s Google Drive account.

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