Introduction to Online Library Resources

Site content by Connie Scharre

This website is for Our Lady of Providence High School students to view as an introduction to online library research methods and databases.

Why this site exists:

Most high school graduates are not well prepared for academic research when they enter college.  This site hopes to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Students will be able to identify the library section of our school website and how it is organized
  • Students will identify navigational skills used to operate the links found on the website
  • Students will classify the resources found on the library’s web page by determining what type of resource it is
  • Students will evaluate resources and their overall purpose
  • Students will complete the modules to determine how they can apply these sources to future research assignments


How to use this module:

All students should start with the Introduction to Online Library Resources. This link is a short step-by-step instruction on how to locate the school’s website and the library’s web page where all the database information is located.

Before you view the video tutorials, sign up for a Kahoot account if you don’t have one already.  You will need this account information to access the quizzes.  You will also need a separate electronic device such as an iPad or cell phone to answer the questions.

Next, The Resource Instruction section will provide the student with 10 video tutorials.  Select any one of the tutorials to start with and once you finished watching the video tutorial, please find the link to take the Kahoot quiz.  Each video tutorial will have a short quiz.  After all tutorials and quizzes are complete, please complete the final assessment.

Click on the Resource Instructions link in the menu tab to proceed.